statement in 2023, Hajj is not safe

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

Makkah and Medinah are the hearts of Muslims, and travellers from all over the world are attracted to them. All Muslims in the world are eager to visit them and perform the Hajj and Umrah rituals. Visiting these holy places is a right guaranteed by Islamic Law to every Muslim on earth, and nobody should prevent muslim this right, and no one has the right to do so, but it is God’s grace alone to make these holy places within the geography of a country. This has been the case in all countries which are consecutive to care the Holy Mosques and organise the Hajj and Umrah throughout Islamic history.

However, what has happened in the past decade is different as Muslims knew of the rights of their religion, and what they taught about the countries and kingdoms that sponsor the Two Holy Mosques in the past, where the Saudi government deliberately involved the Holy Places ( Makkah and Medinah ) in its political battles, and use them to serve its various security purposes; anyone who disagrees with its political or intellectual mood is either banned from Hajj and Umrah, or in its prisons.

Previously the Hajj has been more like a huge Islamic Conference where Muslims of all spectrums gather, scholars, preachers, prominent figures of reformers and politicians attend it, and they meet in one place, discuss the concerns and hopes of the Islamic world and exchange visions and ideas . However, this important and useful appearance has almost completely disappeared lately-except of what the Saudi government wants to be according to its own purposes. Scientists, reformers and preachers in the country are either imprisoned or expelled. As for abroad, they are banned from the hajj or cannot come to it for fear of being a victim of the oppression of the Saudi regime .

Another form of violations practiced by the Saudi government is the manipulation of the issue of the proportions and numbers of pilgrims from different countries, as they are not developed for organizational purposes but for political considerations and government interests. Not to mention the deliberate harassment of Muslim minorities in Europe, America and the West in general. As for the use of Hajj as a tool to pressure countries, and the provision of Hajj visas as political bribes to those whom the government wants to co-opt or use for its political and security goals.

We, the signatories of this statement, affirm and reiterate the reminder of the Saudi government that Hajj and Umrah is a right guaranteed to every Muslim. And that it is not permissible to prevent a Muslim from Hajj under any pretext. we also confirm granting a visa for Hajj and Umrah requires safety and not to be harmed to everyone who entered Saudi Arabia , and we affirm our categorical rejection of all illegal practices practiced against those who intend to visit the Sacred House of Allah and the Mosque of the Prophet Mohammed. We express our full condemnation of the use of Hajj and Umrah as a political or security tool, or a means of oppression and repression or politicization of Hajj and Umrah in any way.

We also call all scholars of the Islamic world, scientific institutions, human rights organizations and all Muslims in the world to remind the Saudi government of its duty towards the holy places and their visitors, and explicitly inform them that enabling all Muslims to visit them and ensuring their safety is a legitimate right and an imposed duty that must be done to the fullest and without discrimination or political bias. And to make it clear that these unjust practices and sinful violations are a betrayal of God’s covenant. And to fulfill its duty, abide by its obligations and stop everything that harms and harms those who go to the holy places.

{ وَمَنْ يُرِدْ فِيهِ بِإِلْحَادٍ بِظُلْمٍ نُذِقْهُ مِنْ عَذَابٍ أَلِيمٍ }

وصلى الله وسلم على سيدنا محمد وآله وصحبه

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