statement in 2024, Hajj is not safe

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Hajj is Not Safe 2024

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Praise be to Allah, and may peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah
Despite the repeated calls and numerous demands made over the past years by various human rights organizations, scholarly bodies, international institutions, and a large number of intellectuals, scholars, and activists across the Islamic world, urging the Saudi government to cease its multiple violations against Hajj and Umrah pilgrims. They have condemned the use of Hajj and Umrah as tools for repression and political means against those whom the regime of Mohammed bin Salman opposes. The Saudi government continues its transgressions and persists in its violations against the visitors of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque
The Saudi government has deliberately and clearly politicized Hajj and Umrah, continuing the arbitrary arrests of several pilgrims and visitors. It persists in unjustifiably preventing many Muslims from performing Hajj and Umrah without any legitimate or legal reason, in addition to using the Hajj pilgrimage as a tool for political blackmail.

The Saudi authorities continue to refuse issuing Hajj and Umrah visas to those who do not align with their policies, including scholars, academics, intellectuals, media professionals, and others from various social and cultural groups. Additionally, they persist in arresting those who manage to reach Saudi Arabia with legitimate visas issued by their embassies worldwide, solely because they do not please the current regime in Saudi Arabia. These individuals are then imprisoned or forcibly deported to the repressive authorities of their home countries with whom they have disagreements, thereby endangering their lives.
Moreover, the quotas for Islamic countries for Hajj are not based on specific, fixed, and transparent criteria. Instead, they are biased in favor of certain countries over others, depending on how well the policies of these countries align with Saudi Arabia’s political agenda, which can be seen as a form of political bribery. Additionally, the Saudi government uses Hajj as a tool for political promotion, imposing political rhetoric on the pulpits of the Two Holy Mosques and the sermon of Arafat, turning them into platforms for the current authorities’ political propaganda. This is done without regard for the diverse nationalities and cultures of the pilgrims and ignoring the true religious purposes of Hajj and Umrah.
Therefore, we, the undersigned, strongly condemn and reject all violations committed by the Saudi authorities against the visitors of the Two Holy Mosques, including arbitrary arrests, interrogations at entry points, and the forced deportation of those arriving to perform Hajj and Umrah to their repressive home countries. We affirm that Hajj and Umrah are guaranteed rights and legitimate acts of worship for all Muslims around the world. The Saudi authorities have no right to prevent any Muslim from performing these rituals merely because they disagree with them or do not support them politically. We also strongly condemn the manipulation of Hajj and Umrah quotas, using them as political bribes, or turning them into tools for oppression and repression, as well as exploiting them for profit at the expense of depriving ordinary Muslims of practicing their religious rites.
We also call on all Muslims around the world, scholarly institutions, and human rights organizations to publicly reject the arbitrary practices and violations committed by the current Saudi government. These actions should be considered a betrayal of trust, a dereliction of responsibility, and a violation of what is guaranteed by Islamic law and international covenants. We emphasize the necessity for the Saudi authorities to fulfill their commitments and duties, and to cease all actions that harm those intending to visit the holy sites.
We demand that the international community and all human rights organizations take urgent action to pressure the Saudi authorities to ensure the freedom to perform Hajj and Umrah for all Muslims without discrimination or restriction, and to respect all measures that guarantee this right for all Muslims.

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