Algerian Pilgrim Detained for Praying for Palestinians

Saudi security forces have detained an Algerian pilgrim during his visit to the Prophet’s Mosque, Because of his prayers for the people of Palestine.

Saudi authorities detained the individual for six hours in a demeaning and harsh manner, transferring him across several security centers before finally taking him to the Public Security headquarters under the Saudi Ministry of Interior.

The Algerian pilgrim, who was detained, has stated that he was not involved in any controversial matters and had only offered prayers for the Palestinians in a video recording he shared with friends and acquaintances. He questions whether praying has now become a criminal act, emphasizing that he was unaware that offering prayers for the Palestinians was forbidden.

The Hajj and Umrah Violations Observatory emphasizes that such breaches against pilgrims and Umrah attendees must come to an end. It calls on the Saudi authorities to fulfill their obligations to ensure the safety and security of the pilgrims and Umrah attendees, without infringing on their freedom and right to expression.

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