Saudi Authorities Detain TikToker Abdulrahman Mohamed During Umrah

The Saudi authorities detained Egyptian youth Abdulrahman Mohamed Abdel Rahim amidst his performing in the Umrah rituals. His arrest was attributed to his dissemination of videos showing support for the Palestinian cause.

Abdulrahman, alongside his mother, had travelled on a journey to Saudi Arabia in early October to undertake the Umrah. His detention by the Saudi security forces occurred on October 10th, shortly after he shared videos voicing his solidarity with Palestine in response to the Israeli attacks on Gaza.

The aftermath of Abdulrahman’s detention saw his mother returning to Egypt alone, leaving Abdulrahman confined in a Saudi prison without any legal basis for his detention.

It is noteworthy that the Saudi authorities have recently targeted several activists and scholars for their empathetic stance towards the Palestinian issue during their Umrah pilgrimage, among them Dr. Abdullah Faisal Al-Ahdal, Vice President of the Sunni Scholars Council in Hadhramaut.

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