British actor Islah Abdurrahman was detained for wearing a Palestinian keffiyeh during his Umrah

In an interview with Middle East Eye, the British actor and host Islah Abdur-Rahman stated: ” He was detained by Saudi security forces in late October due to his wearing a Palestinian keffiyeh and a colored Palestinian rosary around his wrist.”

Islah Abdur-Rahman recounted that during his Umrah pilgrimage with his family in late October, he was apprehended by the Saudi security forces and taken to a detention area for those accused of crimes and violations. He underwent an interrogation process, and upon its conclusion, one of the officers approached him, removing his Palestinian scarf and advising, “This isn’t appropriate, so please don’t wear it here; it’s prohibited.”

Islah recounted being coerced into signing a release form and having his fingerprints recorded after his keffiyeh was confiscated. He elaborated, “I was frightened because I was outside my home country, unsure of their intentions towards me; thus, I was filled with fear.”

The Hajj and Umrah Violations Observatory vehemently condemns the arrest of British actor IIslah Abdur-Rahman while he was performing Umrah rites. It views the ongoing detention of pilgrims by Saudi authorities for expressing solidarity with Palestinians as a practice that must be halted immediately.

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