Detention of Dr. Abdullah Al-Ahdal While Performing Umrah

Saudi security forces detained Dr. Abdullah Faisal Al-Ahdal, Vice President of the Sunni Scholars Council in Hadhramaut, and founder and director of the Quran and Sharia Sciences Institute in Hadhramaut, during his performance of the Umrah pilgrimage.

Dr. Al-Ahdal had authored articles critiquing the Islamic community’s complacency towards the atrocities inflicted on Palestinians. He highlighted that the outcomes of the Islamic Summit hosted in Saudi Arabia fell short of the Muslim community’s expectations.

The Hajj and Umrah Violations Observatory expresses its condemnation of Dr. Al-Ahdal’s detention, which was based on his public expression of opinion. It emphasizes that the Saudi regime’s persistent violations against Umrah pilgrims require a firm response from nations and organizations to halt these aggressions. Such actions have transformed the two holy sanctuaries into a political instrument of the Saudi regime.

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