While performing Umrah, a seven-month pregnant Yemeni woman was arrested

SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties said that the Saudi authorities arrested the Yemeni citizen, Marwa Abed Rabbo Al-Sabri, while she was performing Umrah. This was after a verbal altercation between Marwa and a policewoman. The policewoman humiliated Al-Sabri, which prompted Marwa to respond to her. Marwa was arrested at the time and sentenced to one year in prison without regard to her health condition, as she is seven months pregnant and needs special care.

SAM organization issued a statement in which they called Saudi authorities to protect holy places from politics and tensions between police and pilgrims, stressing that security personnel should treat visitors based on the principle of human and religious respect in a way that preserves visitors’ dignity and the Kingdom’s security.

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