Saudi Authorities Detain Turkish Pilgrim Over Mention of ‘Palestine’ and ‘Gaza’

The Saudi authorities have detained Turkish Sheikh Mustafa Efe following his invocation of the words ‘Palestine’ and ‘Gaza’ during a prayer.

Sheikh Mustafa Efe disclosed that he was apprehended by members of the Saudi security after they overheard him mention ‘Palestine’ and ‘Gaza’ in his supplication.

He was held by the Saudi security forces for a duration exceeding ten hours, during which he faced poor treatment and was subjected to severe psychological distress, before being released.

This incident occurs shortly after Sheikh Abdel Hakim Al-Jazairi was detained by the Saudi authorities upon being heard praying for the people of Palestine.

The Hajj and Umrah Violations Observatory condemns these reckless practices by the Saudi authorities, who resort to oppression and violence against pilgrims and Umrah attendees to enforce their political ideologies, exploiting the sanctity of these religious rites for such purposes.

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